Too many books on “Agile” are nothing but goodness and light, talking about what you should do, but not how to do it or about what can go wrong. This book takes a different approach. I’ll talk about things that people do that work against them and how to fix those problems. In a way, the book’s a screed against Agile-industrial-complex Agile™, but (and this is the main point) it talks about how to correct the problems that emerge when an organization follows that route in the beginning. How to do things “right” (in my opinion 😄). How to correct common problems.

So, this “newsletter” is a book in progress. The book will eventually be published on LeanPub (and probably elsewhere), and subscribers will get a copy of the eBook, of course. I’ll be working in an Agile way, putting out chapters or parts of chapters in small increments, getting your feedback, and improving the content based on that feedback.

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